Why not? Are you using PR as a great force for good?

What kind of relationship do you have with Public relations?

What purpose do you use it for? Good or bad? Selfish or generous? Just for yourself or for others? Only for self-promotion or to build a better world?

These are some of the more important questions that one should be able to answer if the purpose of the profession is well understood.

Public relations are not some kind of paid articles in which someone will talk about how good you are or how you did some great work, Public relations must speak the truth for itself.

Actually, they are all that others say about you. So as we see, self-promotion is by no means, their main purpose.

When I was just getting acquainted with the world of Public relations, I realized very quickly that innovation is much welcome and needed in them too, and that their greatest potential should be used properly, and transparently. For me, that potential is called a Force for good.

Public relations, if used correctly, can be a great force that initiates many good and positive changes in society.

I consider it as their most important role. To promote, support, and proclaim, all the good in society and the same time in the individual himself.

As we all know, there are on a daily basis so many good initiatives, and good deeds that we are kept quiet every day.

Why is that? In whose interest is this?

Public relations certainly shouldn't be.

Reducing Pr only to self-promotion, writing nice but unfounded stories, writing a dry press release, spins, or spreading disinformation, or even worse pandering to the audience because of personal gain, delegating and collecting cheap political points, certainly is not their main purpose, i.e. it is a waste of their full potential and a sign of their insufficient understanding.

As my deeper understanding and love for Pr grew, so did my desire for innovation and truth grow as well.

Giving the world a better perception, better solutions, a more positive attitude, and more authentic and truthful stories has become my field of action, passion, and main advocacy.

And so it happened by writing good news, supporting many positive initiatives, and delegating for social changes, all of a sudden, Public relations became my main good news. They have also become my strongest weapon against lies, manipulation, and all misinformation in this world


When I decided a few years ago, to create my brand - PR for good, I wanted to emphasize and raise awareness about the importance to spread the good news that will create a better climate in society and restores dignity to every human being.


Perception is a matter of attitude. The way we look at the world around us. It can change every day. How? For the better!

Good is always stronger than evil, that's why we must use good in Pr as the greatest force, having in mind that good can ennoble, heal and renew the world. By using PR well, we can improve the reputation of the whole world.

Are you up for it? Can you be that TRUTH and good news and thus change the perception of the world?

After reading this text, what is your current relationship with public relations?

Are you going to start using them as your greatest force for good? Why not?



By Marijana Batinić


Image by Freepik