Art of good copywriting. Right to the point. Straight to the heart!

Copywriting is the art of arranging and playing with words within a meaningful context to convey powerful key messages. Because messages are important.

The message must engage hearts.

We are surrounded by so many different messages sent by a brand, individual, or organization. We often get dizzy from it.

We need to learn to filter and summarize them. However, that should already be the job of a really good copywriter.

The difference between good and bad copywriting is a matter of a good or bad relationship with the audience. If there is a large amount of respect, then the message will be more sincere and convincing.

Today, unfortunately, a lot of lies and inaccuracies are used in copywriting, which ultimately results in mistrust.

But the truth is somewhere else.

The desire for profit should not justify the mass of cheap and unfounded messages that have only one goal, which is to lie and confuse.

Instead, good copywriting should strive for greater clarity, sharpness, and brevity with the main goal of spreading the truth. Because the truth is always pure and very clear.

Good copywriting must in any case be intriguing and imaginative. In fact, it should be anything but boring.

Humor is also a very nice spice to create and convey any good message. Conveying key messages in a humorous, honest, and interesting way is a challenge before many capitulate today.

For me, the quality of good copywriting is to say a lot with a only few words. Right to the head and right to the point!

Virtuosity is also being honest. Because what is a good message, and a good slogan worth, if it is not in line with the deep convictions that should be the bearer of that message?

Key messages are important for better understanding and identification.

In any case, good messages must cause some reaction, to imagine, ask, raise awareness, and awaken the imagination.

Good copywriting should encourage action, give answers, and stimulate critical thinking.

A good copywriter listens and understands the pulse of society. Then, it must offer what it lacks the most at the given moment.

In my opinion, humor is missing in copywriting today. That's why I love to use it in my writing and creating. Why? Because we live in pretty serious times.

I truly believe that making people laugh, making them happy, lifting them up, and encouraging them are the main tasks of every serious artist who likes to play with words.

For me, the art of good copywriting is the art of touching hearts. Emotional and sincere engagement that encourages action.

Copywriting is not just words. They are more than words.

Copywriting is an art and you have all the right to the art of good copywriting.


By Marijana Batinić