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    Serve with a heart. Start with a smile!


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    Innovative PR inspired by the deepest values



    Hi, I am Marijana Batinic faith deliverer, new business evangelist, optimist, and PR specialist.

    My greatest passion that turned into my life mission is to create a world full of authentic stories and trustworthy brands, through innovative PR based on the deepest values!

    Innovation requires great courage to trail a new path and in my profession which I love Public Relations, I consider it a sacred duty to proclaim it with all my heart.


    Through PR, Creative writing, authentic storytelling, the art of copywriting, and photography I love to convey through my work and philosophy the main positive message and in that way shape and offer a brighter vision of an enthusiastic world in which every individual may find value as a person.


    As an owner of a small boutique PR agency More idea, I felt in my heart a greater mission to spread HOPE and OPTIMISM through my work, and thus influence and serve society and individuals through consultancy and motivational stories.

    Society depends on each individual and I truly believe that Public relations have a huge responsibility, especially in those demanding times to be a guiding star and main energizer of positive social changes.


    Back to basics! Values matter, especially core ones, and my sincere wish is to help companies and creative individuals to build a reputation and brands on the deepest beliefs.

    What we believe we become!

    By creating a brand that will last we create TRUST and better and more honest relationships.

    Together we can achieve MORE! Because people deserve MORE!

    Meet the positive face of PR:))

    by Marijana Batinić


    Pr consultant. Stock photography contributor.

    Author. Blogger.

    Innovator. Dreamer. Believer.


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    Know your values. What do you believe in?



    Know your values. The values we believe in and represent to the world, say a lot about us. What we stand for, what we aspire to, and what we dream of reflect the values of our hearts.

    The more credible we are, the more we can produce a feeling of trust toward others.


    Great ideas move the world forward. The world requires innovation on the highest level.

    In my industry Public Relations, my greatest mission is to bring new solutions and a new perception to the table.


    Authenticity plays a main role in the definition of our truest core values.

    The values that we implement in our lives create TRUST.

    If we want to make a profound lasting social impact, truthfulness must be our middle name.


    Reputation can not be built overnight, that's for sure.

    Trust+deep rooted values are essential and the only way to build a trustworthy brand and society.


    My greatest wish is to invest all my knowledge, passion, and ideas to create that world.


    What do you believe? What is your WHY?

    What's the authentic story you want to share with the world?


    Let's find out together! Let's change the world together!



    "Live and believe in the deepest

    values of the heart.

    That's why we call it authenticity. "



    How It Works?




    Find your WHY  


    What are your purpose, cause, and beliefs?


    Define your core values and embodied in the greater mission


    Create a greater mission in sync with your deepest values


    Create an authentic story around values 


    When defining your beliefs then create authentic messages and stories around.

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    PR with

    social impact


    Public relations has always played a key role in creating the perception of the world and I believe that is also a great force that can change the world for the better.


    For me, Public relations is a key element of communication that can build a brighter image and credibility in society.

    Of course, this is a process in the long run.


    My mission is to spread good stories of hope, and optimism and bring back smiles on people's faces through Public relations.


    The basic postulates and values that led me to this process are authenticity, honesty, and building long-term relationships of trust.

    By putting a special emphasis on achieving the greater good, we can create a more significant impact on society.

    The methods I use in my work are based on finding the main purpose, cause, and belief.

    Back to basics!

    Advocating for positive changes in society also strengthens our global impact on the world.

    Let's create a prosperous society together!
    How can I help you in this process?

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    What is your story? How authentic is it? Why should others believe in it?


    Stories matter and I deeply believe that only authentic stories based on the deepest values can reach the hearts of the audience and build trustworthy brands and society.


    That's why I love to use in storytelling a super honest approach combined with basic core values, purpose, cause, and beliefs.

    My wish is to help companies and creative individuals to tell authentic stories which will return TRUST.


    Stories connect and engage us on deeper emotional levels and thus create a more authentic and healthier environment and can influence and send more positive and powerful messages to the whole world.

    Can I trust you? Can you trust me?


    Let THE TRUST be the main core value of our work and relationship.


    What is your story? How authentic is it?

    Why should others believe in it?


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    Creative copywriting


    Which brand slogan did you remember the most? Which one do you remember because of humor? How many of them were in line with the values and quality of the brand they present?

    These are all important questions to which good copywriting needs to have clear and ready answers. 

    Art of good and creative copywriting is essential for conveying powerful and truthful main messages and slogans to the audiences, through branding, websites, campaigns for products, or when it's all about brand communicating values or building reputation. 

    My sincere desire is to create and deliver key messages that are in sync with the idea or product.

    Humor is often one of my tools in creating. But the most important thing is truthfulness and deepest belief. 

    My sincere wish is to help companies to embody core values and beliefs and create memorable slogans, articles, or brand stories and thus reach the audience's heart and be filled with trust.

    YOU have all the right to the art of good copywriting!

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    Reputation management


    Do you know a brand or creative individual who has earned your trust for years? How did he achieve that?

    We can't buy a reputation, but we can earn it. With what? Long-term relationships of respect and trust, constant investment in uncompromising quality, and insistence on values.

    Reputation is built from person - to person. From the people who communicate with the greatest respect for the target audiences clearly, transparently, convincingly, permanently creating an environment of trust.

    For me personally, the best way to build a reputation is to serve. Society, people, organizations...With all my heart and with all my given talents.

    On what basis do you build your or your brand reputation?

    My goal is to help companies to build reputations that last based on developing common trust, honesty in intentions and sincere communication, and the highest values and standards which will result in greater credibility.

    Are you willing to serve and thus earn your long-term reputation?


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  • Photography in service of branding


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    Picture this! Love is all around...


    They said that one picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true then, I have plenty of stories to tell.


    As a passionate photography lover, I love to combine photography with storytelling to spread powerful brand messages.

    If we look closer great stories, messages and ideas are all around us.


    My greatest professional challenge and joy is to implement them and to document and convey them through the power of photography.


    Photography can beautifully and subtly underline and give beauty to any message sent to the audience.


    I feel so blessed to have the privilege to work on what I love and I feel so proud to become a worldwide stock photography contributor and share with the world so many beautiful stories and brand inspirations.


    Looking at the world through the lens of love, we also change its perception. Love then becomes the greatest inspiration.


    Say cheese:)


    You are welcome to visit my portfolios and grab some cool ideas for your new projects!




    The seed for the future

    My Legacy




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    PR for good



    When I first enter the interesting world of Public relations I quickly realized all the strength and responsibility as well as the deep impact that this beautiful but demanding profession has.


    But I also realized that a lot of it is missing or not being used to its full potential.


    That's how the idea came to my mind to innovate and bring fresh views and solutions to my profession.

    Creating my sub-brand PR for good I had a sincere desire to contribute to society by advocating for all those good and positive initiatives that could contribute to the quality and general atmosphere stimulating the development of humanity.

    By focusing on the good we create a brighter perception of the world.

    Creating that Better World is my most sacred duty as a Public relations expert.

    Pr 4 good was the initiator of many positive initiatives and supporter of many events, and one of the campaigns that were in service of raising awareness is the "Dare to be good" and "Share optimism" campaigns, which had the task of raising awareness of the importance of spreading the good news, and stories for the benefit of society and all individuals.


    Pr 4 good advocates for journalism and PR that restores the dignity of each individual.


    Join me in my mission and dream to create a world full of new hope and prosperity.


    Thank you for sharing HOPE with me.



  • The Blog


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    PR for good






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