Back to basic. Values matter!

True values never die. They never truly go out of style!

Without them, the world would be without moral compasses, lost and disoriented, just one big mess of everything worthless.

That's why I think that right now, it is necessary for everyone in their sphere of activity, to once again raise awareness of the importance and return of core values. I made it an urgent task for myself.

Defining and finding core values should be one of the highest priorities of every serious brand, society, and individual. Something like the process of building a house.

As we all know, without a good foundation, the house is neither reliable nor durable. It's the same with everything else in life.

Today, unfortunately, humanity, under the pressure and influence of various trends, so easily renounces its fundamental values without even realizing what consequences it can bring. A society without clear values truly becomes more and more worthless.

In order to discover the core values, you need to deeply question yourself, and one of the most important questions in that process is What do I believe in? Also, it is very important to find your WHY? ( purpose, cause, belief).

Only when the clear answers to these key questions are found, then we can start to build a story around these deepest convictions.

For years, I also struggle with defining my core values, because, in the flood of many imposed values, you have to dig deeper to find your authentic ones.

I often wondered on that journey; does it even make sense to start building something I don't believe in? What values can I stand behind with 100% certainty?

I must tell you, the brutal selection is required here, but is crucial, to be honest with yourself as can be.

We create values and then values create us.

What we believe is what we become. Many brands know exactly what they sell, but how many of them know what they really believe in and stand for?

In my profession which I love, Public relations, I decided to stand behind my deepest convictions. Without compromise, radically.

I consider and believe that's the only way I can stay completely true to myself.  And that also gives me the confidence and stability to be sharp, straight, convincing, and authentic.

Staying true to values is a standard to live by.

I want to advocate for the return of a fundamental human right - the right to return to values that will create a better, more convincing, fairer, and truer atmosphere and restore the dignity of every human being.

Can values such as trust, truthfulness, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, and faithfulness ever go out of style?

It all depends on what kind of foundation you want to build the house.

Will you build your house on sand or solid rock?

By Marijana Batinić

photo credit by: freepik