Best way to build a reputation is by serving

Reputation can be a very tricky thing. As we all know, it takes years to build it, and can disappear in a moment. So we always have to work on it and care for it.

The interesting thing about reputation is that it cannot be bought, it has to be earned.

Reputation is a matter of integrity, constancy, and consistency. A mix between strong principles and deep faithfulness. Adherence to values will eventually be recognized due to their consistency.

Many would like an overnight reputation, but as we know building a reputation is a long-term process. Only for those with the strongest nerves and the most faithful principles.

I mean, it's impossible to convince someone to trust you, or you can't earn and expect respect overnight, with just one PR article or news, right?

Although reputation is invisible, it still gains great importance because it touches and influences many spheres of life. Ultimately, it is an essential component in building a sense of trust in the entire society.

I like people who have built a reputation in a smart way with lots of patience, dedication, and tireless commitment to sharing and giving.

It is a reputation built by service.  

Serving is a form of selfless giving without expecting anything in return.

Quite abstract and unacceptable to many. Is it because apparently, everything should have its price, nowadays? At what cost?

It's pretty clear that we as a society today still have a problem with accepting this simple yet powerful concept of serving.

This can be interpreted because we live in a consumerist, quite corruptible, and rather profiteering society.

It is such a mentality in which, unfortunately, service and giving do not have the best reputation. It is almost not appreciated, often such a way of serving is considered losing and insufficiently successful.

What a pity! What a waste and lack of deeper understanding.

However, for many people whom we value and trust today, that form was very close and understandable. Through service, to an individual, to society, and to an organization, it is possible to create deeper relationships of respect.

If it is built on a relationship of respect and loyalty, endless giving is the only permanent pledge for building any long-lasting reputation.

Serving transcends the mere notion of reputation. Actuallyy gives it only the right purpose and meaning.

Reputation is something that should be based on endless giving and not on grabbing.

If profit is your only goal, then reputation is not something you can count on. Especially not in the long run.

If your actions and intentions are virtuous and pure to serve the world, then your service becomes a permanent pledge for building a lasting reputation.

By Marijana Batinić