Storytelling in service of branding

Stories have inspired, motivated, built, and intrigued us since time immemorial.

Many stories have been told throughout the ages, but we only remember those with which we connected on a deeper emotional level.

We especially remember the stories that opened up some new perspectives for us.

Which touched and changed us. Which aroused our imagination.

The art of storytelling has always been a very useful tool in brand building. Each brand tells its own unique story. Some of them write a history.

Which brands do we remember the most?

Those who only tell us fairy tales in embellished lies or those we can truly trust?

For the story to be reliable and true, it must be based on the deepest convictions. Because if it's not like that, who will want to believe in it?

Unfortunately, there are many stories around us that are not based on truth. Sometimes, branding is an ideal area to pay false compliments sometimes without any coverage.

Various epithets are added that do not correspond to the truth or the reality in which these same brands appear.

Anyway, stories should definitely not be a place of manipulation, rather, they should be a medium and a bridge for building trust among the people.

The art of storytelling makes sense in serving the brand, only if they are in complete harmony and synchronized with common values and beliefs behind which the brand must stand uncompromisingly.

Storytelling must follow and serve the brand's values with the highest authority, and in the most authentic way.

What is the story of your brand?

How authentic is it? Why would anyone believe in it?

The future of storytelling lies in the most honest approach in its purest form, speaking only the language of truth and the deepest conviction of narrative expression.


By Marijana Batinić