Publicity should be earned with trust

Publicity is crucial, but publicity in itself is not a purpose.

Publicity must be earned by the trust.

Today, publicity is traded.

Various suspicious standards are proclaimed at every bell, which is sometimes not even natural for humans.

Still, publicity gives them great meaning, so they themselves become massively popular. Often without any moral standards or critical thinking.

However, real publicity should be earned through trust.

First, from man to man.


Building relationships of trust means building relationships based on TRUTH and not lies.


The main problem is that today a large amount of publicity is created on lies. A lie can be perfidious and convincing. It denies and twists the truth.

It gives her too much publicity. Can we go back to the edge of truthfulness?

Can we build a society based on TRUTH?


Can we give the Truth the greatest possible publicity?


By Marijana Batinić