Power of innovation! Brave.Bold. Original.


The need for innovativeness has been from time immemorial the need for a man to push the boundaries of what is possible. To explore and question life.


Without innovation, there is no coherent progress, but innovation in itself is not a purpose. The goal of innovation should be the welfare of man and society in general.


Improvement of an area of interest can be ennobled by the pure and passionate desire and intervention of man. Innovation is susceptible to constant criticism and misunderstanding.


Innovation is usually an idea ahead of its time that only time has to be confirmed.


For me, being an innovator means passionately spreading my knowledge, offering fresh solutions to the table, changing perceptions, adding originality to ideas, and pushing the limits of what is possible.

Innovation is the longing of the human heart to ignore the status quo and find new options and solutions for a better world.

In Public relations, innovation should be at the highest level.

Ideas for a better world, transparent, strong, and radical if necessary.


I consider "changing the perception of the world" one of the most difficult tasks, but also the most sacred duty. Because submission to the world is nothing but the stagnation of the spirit. The world is one big change. Innovation must be at the service of mankind, otherwise, it shouldn't be called that.


Brave.Bold. Original. The power of innovation is the power of the human spirit that aspires to the unknown heights and depths of knowledge and wisdom.


The meaning of innovation is to boldly venture into unknown territories, and offer radical changes or revolutionary solutions for the benefit of every human being.


Why? Because for every serious innovator, impossible always means - possible!

By Marijana Batinić