How authenticity create TRUST?

How can authenticity evoke trust?

In a world where copy-paste philosophy rules, it seems that true authenticity is quite difficult to find. Why is that?

Nowadays, the word "authenticity" is used for anything and everything, irrelevant, except very rarely for true fundamental values.

Trust, moral compass, and values seem to have become obsolete or old-fashioned terms in the eyes of most of the world.

Can the concept of trust ever be outdated?

Authenticity contributes to greater trust, because trust is a true value for authentic people, and they all work to develop this beautiful and noble quality.

For me, authenticity is living your deepest convictions.

Thinking, speaking, and acting in accordance with these beliefs can be very risky nowadays.

I wonder, isn't it even riskier to succumb to a copy-paste philosophy that ultimately breeds mistrust and a departure from all beautiful civilizational values?

By Marijana Batinić