Hope, hope, hooray! The main task of leadership is to disperse light and new hope.

Leadership today must urgently rise above the darkness of the world. He must not agree to it at any cost. And the price is high.

There is always salvation in hope. That is why hope must become the main virtue, feature, and tool of today's leadership. Hope is light. A new light that shows the right way.

The basic characteristic of good leadership is to go in the right direction. Because if we go astray, who and where will lead us?

In the process of deciding and judging the direction itself, it is very important to listen and follow the moral compass within, beliefs and intuition, and stand firmly by fundamental human values.

Not at any cost agree to cheap compromises. Do not agree to immoral offers, and do not follow the crowd.

Because leadership must go in a different direction.

Navigate through the darkness and hopelessness of the world. Bravely, decisively and with the highest authority.

Today we face various threats that have a high degree of danger for all humanity. This requires good judgment, clarity, and a high level of determination and wisdom.

In a world of high risk that leads to intimidation, a leader must stand firmer than ever before. Driven by strong impulses and urgency he must diffuse more light than ever before. Why? To give as much hope as possible.

The greater the darkness of the world, the greater the responsibility of everyone who leads.

Can the blind lead the blind?

Let's not forget that some of the world's greatest periods of crisis and darkness have given birth to some of the brightest leaders.

Full of hope? Hopefully!

With what kind of authority and brightness can you shine already today to bring the greatest possible hope to the world?


By Marijana Batinić