Why great leaders never go with a flow? Always swim against the tide!

It's easiest to go where everyone goes, and where everyone knows you, right? But leaders don't do that.

That is not their job, that is not even the purpose of leadership.


The purpose of leadership is to go where no one has gone before. Where no one has swum yet.


It is easy to conform and obey the world, but leaders do not do that.

They have a completely different direction, completely different reflections.


When it comes to the the uniqueness of the path the leaders are

there in the front rows.


But lets face the truth, swimming against the tide is not easy at all.

But great leaders do that. They are the ones who create new paths, they are not interested in the old but tried and tested new ones.

We live in times when most people rather go with the flow, because sure it's easier that way.

Is there a room and possibilities for more compromises and more calculations there? For more excuses and even more cawardace? Deprived of any moral responsibility.


But this way of swimming is also the most dangerous because it also degrades a person's ability to develop his critical thinking.


Such a man becomes lost, disorientated and confuse being who doesn't question anymore, who just surrenders to the crowd and allows that water carries in unknown direction.

Thats why in leadership there should be a trend of swimming against the tide.

But why when it's not easy, when it's an endeavor?

Why when its not popular at all?


Being different, going in visionary directions can be pretty a scary lonely road. But leadership deserves it. Questioning, determination, courage, and uncompromisingness are the characteristics of the highest risk leaders.  At least those who are always ready to sacrifice themselves for others.


It is a high risk that requires strength not only of muscles but also a heart, to swim against dangerous waves and destructive currents which ussualy erode society and cast rust on a human souls.

The task of true leadership is to always defy the winds, to boldly set sail in the new direction, far away from disastrous mass trends and movements.

Everything else is just a cheap compromise.


Leadership requires freshness of perspective and freshness of thoughts, freshness of a brave heart that risks its own, defying all the adversities of this world, paves a safe path for others.


And while the whole world is extremely changing, be steadfast and well-directed.

Despite the majority's disapproval - never go with a flow.

Swim against the tide!

Thats what great leaders always does!


“While the world changes, the cross stands firm.”

St. Bruno


By Marijana Batinić