Lead with fun in a most serious way!


Today's world has become too serious these days. So much so that we don't feel like laughing anymore.

When there is no laughter, there is no freedom to create. At least not the unrestrained, spontaneous one.

Namely, the man is approached very seriously, almost intimidating, blackmailing.

Very serious characters decide his fate.

So the poor man became like a frightened mouse cornered.

Leaders are also very quiet and trembling today, and they should be shouting from the rooftops! To wake up frightened people and encourage them on their way.  

It is a perfidiously designed agenda.

Leadership that is devoid of healthy humor, common sense, innovation, and crazy courage? Freedom of creativity and proactive thinking?

Leadership is no longer fun!

Who is to blame? Who laughs the most at that?

Court fools rule. and the emperor is naked all the time.


Leadership can emerge from it. It needs to become fun, intriguing, and free again.

The one that frees people from slavery, the one that sees the wounds of a wounded society, the one that brings smiles back to the faces of tired people.


Will we restore the smile on the face of the leadership?

Will we learn to lead with fun again in the most serious way and restore dignity with a healthy creative thinking potential?

As free and creative people...

and not like frightened mice...

Leadership relieved of fear has the power of a powerful renewal of morale and spirit.


The one who uplifts, who encourages, who changes the hearts of his people.

People who laugh freely again.

Relax your mind and become a leader who leads with fun most seriously!


It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes. ~St. Thomas Aquinas


​By Marijana Batinić

Image by kues1 on Freepik