Blessing as a powerful tool for a better world

The world faces various threats every day and it seems that is already completely tired of the daily lamentation, misfortunes, bad news, and uncertainty.

Not only that, it seems that the world has run out of innovative solutions that lead the world in a new better direction.

Why is that so? Is today's man so tired of himself?

Often relying solely on one's own strength, one seems to be losing the race with oneself.

In such a distracted and dispersed state man becomes less interested in innovation, he runs out of fresh ideas and increasingly lacks coherent solutions.


Did the man perhaps forget something? Has he forgotten the power of blessing? The power that dispels every darkness, every fear, the power that changes the world for the better?


Busy with himself and his own existence, a person often turns into a selfish mentality, who no longer cares about others. 

He often does not see the light at the end of the tunnel and easily becomes deeply frustrated by not finding his own meaning anymore.

A man so worn out is easy prey for manipulation. 

However, man has at his disposal a fantastic tool for a better world. BLESSING!


The blessing has the power of complete transformation.  A blessing can even turn an enemy into a friend. Powerful!


To bless means to wish well and activate a higher good.  And not only for himself. Even for the other one. Not only for friends but also for enemies.


Blessing cancels out so much evil in the world that we cannot even imagine. Nature is renewed with a blessing, relationships are renewed and hearts are healed with a blessing too.


However, it seems that it is easier for a person to curse, get angry, murmur, and lament than to bless. 

Why don't we reach for such powerful tools to change and transform the world?


Let us bless each other, let us bless this suffering wounded world, let us bless our enemies. Let us bless nature and all its creatures.


What is the purpose of that, many will ask?


The blessing nullifies the power of evil and evil becomes powerless before it. It becomes incompetent. And incompetence is a characteristic of the weak.


On the contrary, the blessing is strong. Blessing is the hidden power of the world, the hidden and underutilized potential.


Why not embrace it? 


Why not start blessing today?


So what does mankind really have to lose anyway?


“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26


By Marijana Batinić

Image by Freepik