"Humble" should be the new buzzword in leadership

Today, the word "humble" is rarely mentioned in leadership. Why is that so?

Maybe because today's leadership is dominated by concepts like hubris, arrogance, ego trip, or simple ignorance?

The word humility is often misinterpreted and no it does not mean weakness, it means the virtue of accepting one's faults and qualities in a conscious and sober-minded way and managing them well.

A humble man neither overestimates nor underestimates himself in front of anyone.

He is fully aware of himself. The only difference is that he thinks more about the success of others than himself.

A humble leader cannot be shaken by too much praise or criticism, because he perfectly knows very well who he is.


Humility is the complete opposite of arrogance, excessive pride, and narcissism.

Humility is actually very generous. because he doesn't think only of himself.

The leaders of such a mindset and philosophy do not take all the credit for themselves, but gladly and often attribute it to others.

Humility should be as prevalent as possible in leadership that is not only self-centered anymore but also thinks about the well-being of others.


For me, humility is a characteristic of the greatest. In my life, I had the nice and valuable opportunity to hang out with some of the greatest people, and I was always delighted by those who were the most humble.


Humility should become a new buzzword in leadership.


It should be proclaimed more, represented, and acted above all in accordance with it. Humility definitely requires courage.


For me, the highest degree of humility is a person who does not bow to other people but only to dear God, to whom alone he thanks and attributes all the merits and successes.


He allows himself to be guided only by Him and He is the only one he worships.

He places all his gifts at His service and for His honor and praise.

That's what I called real humility.

That's the new buzzword of leadership.


Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.


Saint Augustine



By Marijana Batinić