Patience! Life is a healing process...

We need patience today more than ever. Precisely because the world wants to force and rush us more and more.

To shake, to confuse, to throw out of tact.


Life should not be done as quickly as possible, life should be lived in a conscious, coherent, and meaningful way.

All life is actually one big healing process. We fall, we get hurt, we heal again.

But healing requires a lot of patience. Lots of care and love. Lots of pain.

Although we would still force everything in a hurry, some processes in us have to mature. The bones must fall into place.

There is no shortened procedure for this.

Life sometimes literally hurts but is so healing at the same time. He sees our wounds, bandages, and cares. He comforts us and makes us brave again.

When I broke my little toe some time ago, I thought it wasn't a big deal, at least that's what many told me, but it still needs a healing process. And my patience. For everything to fall into place again. And that my step becomes safe and strong again.

Isn't it the same with life itself? We must have patience with ourselves and with life. Because he has a lot of patience with us.

As much as we would like to speed up some processes, they still need natural time to recover and heal.

We can be wounded on many levels. Outside and on the inside.

But whatever those injuries are, it is important in this whole healing process, after various falls and pain, to get back on your feet and continue on.

Let's allow life to heal us. With love, compassion, and patience.

”Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” - Kahlil Gibran


By Marijana Batinić

Image by Freepik