No sacrifice, no leadership!

To this day we still do not know enough about leadership, it is still not sufficiently understood. This is understandable on the one hand, because leadership must always be ahead of its time.

Many illusions that it is only necessary to be authoritative enough, powerful or charismatic fall into the water if the sacrifice is not involved. Written with big letters. - SACRIFICE

The leader is the one who must be ready for it, in every situation. Wholeheartly. He is the first who must be ready and die for a greater purpose if necessary, to go beyond of himself, to make a greater sacrifice.

Without sacrifice there is no true leadership and vice versa. These two terms are so united that they cannot function separately.

What can we sacrifice for? Do we ready to sacrifice more for people or just for numbers? Are we driven only by the desire for profit and petty personal interests or by a deep desire for the well-being of all those entrusted to us?

If we ignore all those beautiful fairy tales about leadership, the fact remains that the most difficult thing is to make sacrifices.

Lets face it. The most difficult is to sacrifice. Be ready to bear the cross. Being willing to put aside one's own aspirations and goals, for the benefit of others. Can you do this?

Not everyone can do it. Only true leaders, who deeply understand the meaning of suffering, tearing oneself away, rising above small, cheap interests.

The meaning of sacrifice is not the sacrifice itself but overcoming one's own selfishness for the benefit of others. Ego has no place there. Maybe can really call that the greatest humility?

Only a big, open heart that is ready to surrender itself, that bleeds if necessary, but bears the sacrifice with dignity.

The cross is heavy, and a really big one, all those who are ready to embrace it, know that.

Sacrifice is the only way to salvation.

The science of the cross is the new name of true leadership.

"One cannot desire freedom from the Cross when one is especially chosen for the Cross."

- St. Edith Stein

By Marijana Batinić

photo credit by: Image by katemangostar on Freepik