Hypocrisy has no place in leadership. Honesty is the key.

Hypocrisy seems to corrode the world more and more like rust. It destroys and injures slowly but surely.

It is a general phenomenon of a divided and insincere heart that has forgotten to love sincerely.

It's a heart that has to constantly act, some fake size, conceited statuses, hold its nose so high...

Pretense has become a trend, a fad. She slowly crept into the ranks of the leadership.

But is there room for it?

Can we appreciate and trust leaders with fake masks? With false promises, arrogant attitudes, and with a fig in the pocket?

The opposite of hypocrisy is honesty. That pure and beautiful pearl among virtues. That wonderful virtue of leaders that we remember precisely because of it.

Leadership without calculation, without malfeasance, a pure and clear view of an honest and uncorrupted heart.

Today, more or less everything has become corruptible, except honesty.

It cannot be faked, it cannot be bought, it cannot be manipulated.

Because of your sincerity, many of today's Pharisees will surpass you. They will push each other, and they will take the first seats in expensive suits, with their hearts as cold as stones.

Yes, and maybe they will manage to push you out of the scene because they can't stand your honesty and incorruptibility.

There are only a few of them left, and they are so valuable because they still represent the postulates of hope for the exhausted world.

As we may remember stone-hearted Pharisees also accused the greatest Love that ever walked the earth.

Pharisaism should be turned away. It should be drastically ignored.

You should withdraw from it. Even at the cost of being alone in your honesty. Your honesty will shine then, like the most beautiful pearl in the mass of false and pretentious smiles.

Let's bring honesty back into our leadership ranks. Honesty and integrity of heart should be sought like pearls and defy all the Pharisaism of the world.

When honesty in people's hearts is found it becomes a permanent and incorruptible value.

Can you imagine a world full of sincere relationships, friendship, and unfeigned love and respect?

This world is truly more than possible if we resolutely renounce and turn our backs on all Pharisaism.

So that sincere Love can walk the earth again.

What gesture of sincerity in relationships can you take today to defy all the pharisaism of the world?

For the start, maybe just one sincere smile from the incorruptible heart?


By Marijana Batinić

Image by Freepik